We are now a Sustainable Salon!

Look good, feel good and now, DO good!
We are always looking for more eco friendly products and services to provide you all and we are so proud to say we are now apart of Sustainable Salons. This makes each treatment visit to Luxe just that little (or a lot in some cases!) bit more sustainable.
We like to think of you all as our Luxe Fam and we want you to join us in this mission as one big SUSTAINABLE Luxe Fam!
We are now able to recycle up to 95% of the resources used during your treatment, allowing it to be repurposed rather than going to landfill!
  • All the proceeds gained from recycling Luxe's metals will be donated to not-for-profit community-based organisations that do a SUPER job helping humanity
  • Plastic product bottles, packaging, and bags are recycled into new products and kept out of our oceans
  • Any leftover chemicals will be recycled into water and used in construction/roadworks (think acetone from your manis/pedis!)

To be apart of this amazing journey, your service will now include small Green Fee of $2

For more information please visit www.sustainablesalons.org or ask your therapist at your next visit