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Curtis Collection

CC Cream

CC Cream

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This magic colour correcting cream delivers flawless, even skin with the most natural looking finish ever! The ultimate ‰ÛÏno makeup, makeup look‰۝. It‰۪s your skin, only better.

CC Cream stands for colour corrector. This miracle cream offers the lightest coverage in our collection, designed to help you achieve the Curtis Collection Naked Glow. This breakthrough cream literally corrects and perfects your complexion right before your eyes. The magic begins when the cream is first applied to your skin. Initially appearing white, the micro encapsulated pigments burst on application delivering a fresh dose of colour that adapts to your skin tone leaving behind light weight, invisible coverage. Truly must be seen to be believed! Imagine perfecting your skin tone without looking like you are wearing any makeup at all. Skin is hydrated, redness, pores, shine and pigmentation are eliminated, while fine lines and wrinkles are blurred. Infused with Hydra Extend technology, this oil free colour corrector will provide up to 72 hours of continuous hydration and a Broad Spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen to ‰ÛÏfuture proof your beauty‰۝. Brightening ingredients help to create and maintain a youthful looking complexion. Our unique formula also contains photo luminescent diamonds that soft focus all of your fine lines and blemishes and gives your complexion the most amazing candle lit glow. Every woman needs our Naked Glow CC Cream in her life. It‰۪s a serious game changer.

Invisible Coverage
Delivers a healthy glow
Brightens Skin
Deep hydration for up to 72 hours
Absorbs Oil
Broad Spectrum SPF 20
Paraben Free
Oil Free

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