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Waihi Bush Flax Original Capsules

Waihi Bush Flax Original Capsules

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Flax Original Capsules are a convenient way of consuming our organic Flaxseed Oil (Linum usitatissimum - Linseed).   The oil content is exactly as you would find in our bottled product - high quality, extra virgin, unrefined and contains no toxic substances or cholesterol.   It is cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals.

The capsule has been designed especially for flaxseed oil and provides a light protected, soft gel casing for the oil ensuring the same integrity as we offer for all of our products.

Flax Original Capsules are available in 150 and 300 pots, each capsule contains 1ml of oil.  They are easy to use, easy to swallow and portable, great when travelling or unable to refrigerate opened oil.  For those who find consuming oil difficult, they create a more pleasant experience.

The Essential Fatty Acid found in flaxseed oil is called Alpha Linolenic Acid, and is a natural plant source of Omega 3; it is essential for our wellbeing.   Our bodies cannot make Essential Fatty Acids, we need to get them from our food.  We need these "good fats" as they play a vital role in all aspects of a well balanced and healthy body.

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