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Welcome to our Facial Bar Menu! We hope to see you soon for a beautiful pamper.

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It's time to nurture your skin through plant actives, rich alluring aromas that will transform skin, mind and soul. Escape while the world waits and you are transformed to island time, let the healing begin. These simple yet effective facials give exceptional targeted results through the use of Pure Fijis botanical blend of aromatic oils, pure leaf hydrosols, powerful plant actives and deep sea antioxidants. These are combined with the latest scientific dermatological solutions to achieve targeted results whilst restoring radiance, repairing and nourishing the skin.

Refresher Facial  $75 25 min
Delivering a powerful hydration boost to skin through the power of pure plant actives that will nourish, repair and rejuvenate the skin. This skin refreshing facial includes a cleanse, exfoliation and luxury oil face massage restoring and balancing moisture levels in the skin leaving you with a youthful glow.
Includes: double cleanse, tone, exfoliating scrub, facial oil, face, neck 7 décolleté massage. Eye cream, Hydrating Multi-active serum, day creme and Lip Balm complete your treatment.
Resurfacing Face Treatment $120 50 min

A unique resurfacing treatment which combines glycolic and mandelic acids for a smoother, more radiant complexion. Great for enlarged pores, pigmentation, dull, congested and acne prone skins. 
Includes: cleanse, tone, glycolic treatment, arm massage, facial oil, masque, neck & shoulder massage. Eye cream and SPF complete your treatment.

Dilo Coconut Hydrating Facial $125 50 min
The Hydrating Facial. Delivering a powerful hydration boost to skin with unique plant extracts and powerful peptides. Dilo and Coconut oil combined with Ngi grass help retain moisture while increasing collagen production, nourishing, and repairing skin. The result is reduced fine lines, greater skin elasticity and a radiant, glowing complexion.
Includes: double cleanse, tone, exfoliating scrub, tone, body butter hand treatment, facial oil, face, neck & décolleté massage, masque, hand & arm massage, warm towel compress. Eye cream, Hydrating Multi-active serum, day creme and lip balm complete your treatment.
Purifying Papaya Enzyme Facial $125 50 min
Purify, resurface and rejuvenate skin with this highly effective Papaya Purifying Enzyme Facial. This treatment removes the build-up of dead skin cells and impurities while brightening and balancing skin tone leaving you with completely refreshed, glowingly beautiful skin. 
Includes: double cleanse (balm & oil), tone, masque, hand & arm massage, warm towel compress, extractions if needed, face, neck & décolleté massage, facial oil. Eye cream, Vitamin C serum, day creme and lip balm complete your treatment.
Vitamin C Brightening Facial $135 50 min

This treatment is a luxury facial with scrub, massage and mask.
Brighten lacklustre complexions, even skin tone and smooth texture from the first cleanse to the final hydration and everything in-between with the potent power of Vitamin C.
Includes: cleanse, tone, exfoliating scrub, facial oil, face, neck & décolleté massage, masque, hand & arm massage, shoulder massage, warm towel compress. Eye cream, Vitamin C serum, lip balm and SPF complete your treatment.


Come in and enjoy one of our Classic Tailored Facials. Based on using traditional hands-on techniques, our Classic Facials can both relax and treat your skin.
All of the below are tailored to suit each individual skin type and need.

Here at Luxe we have kept our Facial Bar Menu super simple to allow your skin therapist to be about to really personalise your experience, and make it easy for you to pick your facial. Choose your time frame and leave your skin treatment to us!
Each facial will include: double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tone and moisturise and may include facial rolling and gua sha massage treatment. Product ranges that we use include Mesoestetic and Juvenate.

Teen Facial $49 30 min
For those teens with problem skin or just needing an extra deep cleanse, this is the one just for you. Can help with persisting skin troubles or for prevention. Also great to help the knowledge about at-home skincare. Includes gentle extractions, healing mask and homecare.
Mini Facial $69 30 min
Perfect for those short on time or to pop in during your lunch break. Created to give you the most of the benefits of a full facial, in less time. Extractions if needed.
Luxe Facial $89 45 min
For those who need that extra skin boost! Includes deep cleanse, décolletage massage, hot towel and hydrate & protect. Extractions if needed. 
Glow Facial  $119 1 hour
The full facial treatment! This is the best for those starting out with facials here at Luxe, also known as our Welcome Glow Facial. Includes Observ Skin Consultation (if new client/needing skin review), deep cleanse, décolletage massage, hot towel, treatment mask, specialised serums and hydrate & protect. Extractions if needed.



For those needing extra care and specialist advice with their skin or are serious about treating skin concerns, our Advanced Customised Facials are the way to go.
All treatments involve a Skin Consultation with the Observ Skin Scanner to show you your treatment areas before, during and after your treatment. All treatments are customised to your skin wants and needs.

Once again, we have kept it simple here at Luxe, with you choosing your time frame and skin goals and your skin therapist customising your skin journey from there!
Each treatment includes: Skin Consultation, double cleanse, exfoliations, mask, tone and moisturise and may include facial rolling and gua sha massage treatment.

The Radiance $110-$120 30 min
Reveal youthful, fresh skin with one of our Lactic facial peels.
The Infusion $130-$150 45 min
To combine your skin goals and your skin needs, this treatment using facial peels to resurface and exfoliate your skin. Can help with the treatment of acne, blemishes, dull skin, dehydration.
The Targeted $150-$200 1 hour
Selecting from Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Stem Cell, Collagen and DNA Professional Only treatments, your facial will be focussing on your target concerns. These are deluxe anti-aging facials and facial peels. Can include: specialised ampoules, serums, facial peels.
Facial Options:

Juvenate Anti Aging Facial
Juvenate Anti Pigmenation Facial
Juvenate Renewal & Rebalancing Facial
Juvenate VitA Peel Facial $150
Mesoestetic Age Element Facial $199
Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Facial
Mesoestetic Radiance DNA Facial
Mesoestetic Stem Cell Facial

The Ultimate $280-$300 75 min-90 min
For those wanting to really see super skin results, this treatment combines from the following to address all skin concerns: skin needling, facial peels, treatment masks. Includes foot soak.



Suitable for uneven texture, unwanted 'peach fuzz', pre-event. Dermablading is an exfoliating treatment that removes facial hair as well as the upper layer of dead, dull skin cells. This is done using a specialised medical-grade blade along the skin. This treatment is painless and leaves the skin smoother, brighter & hair free.

Dermablading Express: includes cleanse, tone, dermablade, moisturise & protect (SPF). $55 30 min
Dermablading Deluxe: includes cleanse, tone, dermabalde, mask, moisturise & protect (SPF). $125 60 min


To get the most from your facial or to just add a little something special to your treatment or Gift Voucher treatment.

Crystal Fiber Mask $30 15-20 min
Latest generation face mask designed to enhance the cel renewal process via actives and increasing the skins moisture levels. Very soothing post needling/post peel or for compromised skins (sunburn, windburn) Professional Only deluxe sheet mask.
HydroJelly Mask $30 15-20 min
A new generation of peel-off masks boosted with pure algae, actives and new electrolyte technology. To help treat a variety of concerns including hydration, blemishes, dull skin. These masks have an instant cooling and soothing effect which helps firm and revitalise.
Specialised Ampoule $20  10-15min
Using ampoules from Mesoestetic for a range of skin concerns or wants, including hydration, aging, exfoliation.
Facial Extractions  $20 15 min
An extraction to clear clogged or compacted pores. Most common extractions are for comedones (blackheads). Pustules and pimples can also be extracted depending on their size and depth.


Special pricing for those wanting any facial treatment from our Classic and Advanced Menu and some brow/lash love

Brow Henna $37
Brow Henna & Shape $42
Brow Henna Trio  $54
Brow Shape $22
Brow Shape & Lash Tint $27
Brow Shape & Tint $24
Brow Tint $17
Eye Trio $34
Lash Tint $22