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Please note:
- all appointments will include a $2 Sustainable Salons fee at payment

- Pricing structure & treatments below valid from 1st April 2023
- if you would like to see one of our Advanced Therapists focussing and specialising in Skin & Brows please choose Elli or Stacey at booking 


 Lash Tint $24 $27
 Brow Shape
$26 $29
 Brow Tint $24 $27
 Brow & Lash Tint $34 $37
 Brow Tidy & Tint $28 $31
 Brow Sculpt & Tint $42 $45
 Brow Shape & Henna $49 $52
 Brow Shape & Lash Tint $36 $39
 Eye Trio $44 $47
 Henna Eye Trio $64 $67
 Lash Lift & Tint $120 $129
 Brow Lami & Tint $120 $129


 Bikini $31 $34
 G-String - extended bikini $42 $45
 Brazilian - first time or over 6 weeks $67 $76
 Brazilian - within 6 weeks $56 $64
 Chin & Upper Lip $32 $35
 Chin $22 $22
 Arm $40 $43
 Full Leg $61 $64
 Full Leg & Bikini $77 $80
 Half Leg & Bikini $57 $60
 Half Leg $38 $41
 Underarms $24 $27
 Upper Lip $22 $22



 Male Back $57 $62
 Male Back & Chest $125 $130
 Male Chest $57 $62



 Full Body $45
 Half Body $35
 Weekly $35



 Full Body 50min
- Starting with a foot soak, this treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated! 50 minutes hands on massage, using lomilomi and relaxation techniques with Pure Fiji warmed Oil.
 Pregnancy Back, Neck & Shoulder 25min
- Potentially the best thing you'll hear... you can lay on your puku! We have a pregnancy li-lo that allows you to still have a full back, neck & shoulder massage.
 Targeted 25min
- Neck troubles? Maybe more lower back, book this massage for targeted areas of concern.



 Nail Trim & Tidy
- nails are trimmed & shaped


 Mini Manicure 
- nail trim & shape, cuticle tidy & polish
 Mini Pedicure
- foot soak, nail shape, cuticle tidy & polish
 Deluxe Pedicure
- foot soak, foot rasp, nail shape, cuticle tidy, polish & foot massage


 Builder Gel Manicure
- nail trim & shape, cuticle tidy & BIAB application
 Gel Manicure
- nail trim & shape, cuticle tidy & gel polish
 Gel Pedicure
- foot soak, nail trim & tidy, cuticle tidy & gel polish
Deluxe Gel Pedicure
- foot soak, foot rasp, nail trim & tidy, cuticle tidy, gel polish & foot massage

 Gel Removal & Tidy
- removal of gel polish on fingernails or toenails, nail tidy & cuticle oil



 Gel Removal with mani or pedi $15
 Gel Polish with Builder Set $5
 Nail Art - simple
- includes daisies, dots, swirls, hearts, glitter on 2 nails


 Nail Art - simple full set
- includes all 10 fingers or anything more than 2 nails


 Nail Art - complex
- includes flowers, cherries, rhinestones, marbling


 Nail Art - complex full set
- for full set French, ombre dot French, 


 Nail Art - mystery set
- unsure what to choose or what a surprise? This is for you! Let Erin or Krista create a mix & match set for you with your chosen colour scheme. Can include glitter, chrome & foils





Teen 30min
- For those teens with problem skin or just needing an extra deep cleanse! Includes gentle extractions, healing mask and homecare.
$55 $60
Mini 30min
- Perfect for those short on time or to pop in during your lunch break! Created to give you the most of the benefits of a full facial, in less time. Extractions if needed.
$70 $75
Luxe 45min
- For those who need that extra skin boost! Includes deep cleanse, decolletage massage, hot towel and hydrate & protect. Extractions if needed.
$90 $95

Glow 1hr
- The full facial treatment! Includes consulation, deep cleanse, decolletage massage, hot towel, treatment mask, specialised serums and hydrate & protect. Extractions if needed.

$120 $125



 Age Element Facials 60min

 Bespoke Advanced Facial 45min
-  A completely customised facial targeted towards your personal skin concerns. We'll dive deeper to help find contributing causes and can then offer advice to provide you with the tools so we can work together to improve your skin. Includes all the relaxing elements you would expect from a classic facial.


 Bespoke Advanced Facial 1hr
- As above, but allowing more time for extra modalities/needing a complete skin check up.


 Dermablading Express 30min
- Includes cleanse, tone, dermablade, moisturise & protect (SPF).


 Lactic Peel 30min
- This is a wonderful treatment for those dealing with aging and pigmented skin. Lactic Acid will exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and encourage new cell turnover, leaving a smoother and more refined surface. This treatment is relatively non-irritating with very little, if any, down time. Our Lactic Acid peel comes in an all-natural Kawakawa Hydrosol base - preservative free. Kawakawa has long been used by Maori as an all-round healer. A wonderful skin hydrator and refresher.

  • Stimulates cell turnover.
  • Reduces pigmentation.
  • Brightens skin.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Reduces scarring.
  • Controls oiliness.
  • Stimulates the production of new collagen.

 Lighten, Brighten & Clarify Facial Treatment 30min
- Helps to even out ski tone and colour. Powerful treatment incorporating modern advances in biotechnology and peptide technology to fight signs of one of the most complex-to-treat dermal concerns hyperpigmentation. Visibly counteracts uneven pigmentation, such as age spots, as well as overall pigmentation issues. Contains high strength Vitamin A.


 Phyto Facial Level 1 45min
- Plant Based Facial has been designed by Juvenates in-house skin specialist. Omega rich, intensively hydrating and cell reinforcing leaving you with glowing, healthy skin. 


 Phyto Facial Level 2 60min
- As above but taken to the next level with a Lactic Peel added.


 Rebalancing Facial Treatment 30min
- An advanced treatment designed to assist in the removal of dead cells eliminating blackheads and congestion from the skin, whilst encouraging the skin to function optimally and rebalance helping to control acne. Incorporates valuable healing agents, which assist in healthy tissue formation, leaving skin softer, clearer and more responsive.


 Rejuvenate Anti-aging Facial - Instant Lift 45-50min
- Indulge yourself with this advanced treatment to restore radiance and boost collagen renewal for smoother skin regeneration. A highly concentrated and active treatment that combines the relaxation of a spa facial with the results of a clinical skin treatment. Relaxes facial expression lines. Blurs the appearance of wrinkles. Overall skin stress control. Improves firmness & hydration.

 Skin Needling single session
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Effective treatment for scarring.
 Skin Needling full face & decolletage single session $350
 Skin Needing 6 session package $1680

 VitAPeel Forte 45-60min
- This potent facial peel helps brighten skin by working to restore the growth of healthy, young skin cells, increasing cell turnover and normalising cell function. VitAPeel also increases the skin's ceramide production and moisture levels providing a smooth-textured complexion. All natural and preservative free. 

  • Advanced peel treatment - suitable for all skin types and conditions (prep required).
  • Effective treatment for lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, acne, mild acne, scarring and melasma.
  • Removes stubborn hyperpigmentation.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production.
  • Leave-on peel. No discomfort, no downtime.




$240 Mini Facial, Deluxe Pedicure, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Fijian Scalp Massage 2hr 15min
 Mum to Be $149 Eye Trio, Mini Pedicure, Targeted Massage 30min, 30min waxing - area of your choice (Braz, G-String, Half Leg) 2hr
 Pamper $130 Mini Facial, Eye Trio and Targeted Massage 1.5hr


IPL prices are given during your consultation with your IPL Technician Elli or Stacey